Self-affirmation Project, CD – Janeliasoul

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Self-affirmation Project, CD
Self-affirmation Project, CD

Self-affirmation Project, CD

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Janeliasoul is an afrobeats recording artist and girl-CEO of which is the merchandise store for her band also known as Janeliasoul. Your purchase helps fund future projects and with spreading positive vibes. Follow us on IG to join the movement: Learn more about  Janeliasoul at

Product Info: Self Affirmation Project is a 6 tracks afrobeat/world music album recorded with all live instruments. It contains life affirming songs such as I Am Bold, I Am a Daughter of a King and the cover of one of Beyoncé's song, I Am a Grown Woman (see videos below). The whole album is a great "feel good" music that should be in every collection. 

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