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I Am Bold - MP3 Download (Digital Product)

I Am Bold - MP3 Download (Digital Product)

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MUSIC REVIEW - June 22, 2018: Affirmatively Ethereal World Music.

I would say the title of JaneliaSoul’s latest track says it all, but it doesn’t even come close to summing up how astounding the soulfully inspired songstresses track I am Bold actually is. To create her pioneeringly rich harmonies Janelia used a medley of world music, Funk and Jazz to orchestrate one of the most up-beat tracks I’ve checked out this year. There really isn’t any wonder why so many fans of up-vibe music have flocked around Janelia thanks to her empowering lyrics and popping instrumental style. Janelia is a recording artist with a perceptible amount of charm riddled into her cultural styling who you just can’t help but be moved by. It’s only a matter of time before her music makes her as renown as she deserves to be.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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