Waist Beads Vlog – Janeliasoul

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Waist Beads Vlog


Vlog 1: Can you really use waist beads for weight loss? This series is my proof of concept that you can. Come along the adventure. Get your waist beads here.


Vlog 2: What am I doing to lose these 20 pounds? I'm telling all in this vlog. Get your waist beads here.



Vlog 3: Why do women wear waist beads? I'm talking about it from a Yorùbá culture perspective. Get your waist beads here.


Vlog 4: What do men think about Waist Beads? Watch the interview with my husband. Get your waist beads here.


Vlog 5: Ever wondered what waist beads are used for? Here I give a visual explanation of the different Yorùbá  waist beads. Get your waist beads here.


Vlog 6: Would you like a recap on weight loss waist beads? I talk about it in vlog 6. Get your waist eads here.


Vlog 7: Which should you go for, elastic waist beads or tie-on wait beads? I talk about it in vlog 7.Get your waist beads here.