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8pcs Bridal Waist Beads, Elastic & Tie-on
8pcs Bridal Waist Beads, Elastic & Tie-on

8pcs Bridal Waist Beads, Elastic & Tie-on

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Feminine, utterly romantic and great additions to the bride's collection. Our bridal waist beads are handmade with 3mm seed beads and are waterproof (i.e. will not expand in water.) Available in both elastic waist beads and tie-on waist beads, 

About: The wearing of beads on the waist was made popular by West Africans, specifically the Yorùbá tribe of Nigeria. This practice is an excellent tool to feel more feminine and beautiful. Waist beads are also used to maintain your weight as the beads go up your waist when you gain weight and falls elegantly on your hips when you loose weight.

The Elastic Waist Beads: Perfect for the bride who does not want to wear waist beads permanently, so they are made with elastic string so as to slip in and out of them easily. Our Elastic waist beads are available in 24 to 50 inches.

The Tie-on Waist Beads: Perfect for the bride who would like to maintain the culture of waist beads wearing or weight management and keep them on permanently. Our tie-one waist beads are strung on durable cotton string, one size fits all and comes standard in 50 inches with loose ends. This gives you the flexibility of tying the beads exactly where you want them to rest i.e. high-waist, mid-waist or low-waist. The loose ends also allows you to slide off any unwanted beads before you tie them for a perfect fit. You can also create a multi layer look with this option.

How to Install the Tie-on Waist Beads 

Color Combination: The default colors for our bridal waist beads are 4 pure white and 4 white w/ gold mix. Do you want all pure white or a different color combination of white and white w/ gold mix? No problem, include your preference in the "Special instructions for seller" section on the next page (i.e. after you add to cart).  

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