Bedroom Magician - MP3 Download (Digital Product) – Janeliasoul

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Bedroom Magician - MP3 Download (Digital Product)

Bedroom Magician - MP3 Download (Digital Product)

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PRESS RELEASE - Feb. 14, 2021: Afrobeats artist, Janeliasoul & producer Femi Sanya, collaborate on a sizzling new release!

Baltimore-based recording artist, Janeliasoul joins forces with producer/musician, Femi Sanya, to deliver a smoldering and rhythmic new song entitled, "Bedroom Magician". Femi, who also happens to be Janeliasoul's significant other, is also a sought-after musician within the entertainment industry. So, when it was time for Janeliasoul to begin working on her new record, she knew exactly who to ask to accompany her on her sultry new song, Bedroom Magician—her soulmate and hit producer, Femi Sanya.

Janeliasoul's new single featuring Femi Sanya is a true story of #blackgirlmagic meets #BedroomMagician. Married for 18 years, Janeliasoul and her husband have written many love songs together over the years by merging her songwriting skills with his 25 years experience as a professional musician and producer. During the quarantine, they were forced to step away from their solo projects, came together to start recording their love songs and Bedroom Magician is their first offering.

On this track, which he also produced, Femi Sanya plays what has been called a wicked bass solo by his peers. Femi said "it is not common for the bass guitarist to take a solo in an afrobeats or amapiano track. However, I do it on stage all the time, I consider myself an innovator and it's time we bring that to the studio."

Janeliasoul's loyal fan base will be in for a real treat with this new release. Staying true to her sensual, soulful sound, Janeliasoul's new joint, Bedroom Magician, doesn't disappoint. Listeners will appreciate her lush lyrics as well as the rich musicianship that is on full display. It's abundantly clear that for Janeliasoul and Femi Sanya, love is in the air!

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