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How Waist Beads Can Help with Weight Loss


Advertorial: 10/26/2020 by Meeker88 

Are you one of the millions of women trying to lose weight? If so, you should know that the single reason most fail to achieve their weight loss goal isn’t because of a failed diet or skipped workout sessions. It’s lack of motivation. Waist beads can be catalyst for change. Made popular by the Yorùbá tribe of Nigeria, waist beads are a thin string of waterproof beads tied around your waist. As you make a goal to lose weight, the waist beads help you control your eating and track your progress.

Why waist beads work: For some, stepping on the scale once a week is a dreaded exercise in frustration. However, the scale isn’t the only measure of weight loss. In fact, it can be downright deceiving. As you exercise, particularly if you lift weights, you’ll lose fat, but gain muscle mass. Unfortunately, muscle mass doesn’t register on a scale and you may be unhappy that the number isn’t inching downward. This discouragement could lead you to give up.

Waist beads are a simple way to stay aware of your weight and offer both a short term and a long term benefit. Imagine you are at a social gathering or perhaps you are at home with a lot to eat in the fridge; the short term benefit of wearing waist beads is that you’ll notice a gentle tug as they pull tighter against your body when you have had enough to eat. This sends a message to you “stop eating” because you know the waist beads will pull even tighter and get very uncomfortable if you were to eat any more. On the other hand, the long term benefit of wearing waist beads is when you lose weight; you’ll see them drape lower on your belly and eventually to your lower waist which serves as a great visual encouragement that the pounds are melting off. Moreover, if you were to put on a few pounds after you have lost weight, you will see the waist beads ride up your belly, so you know you have gained a few pounds and can nip it in the bud.

A simple solution: Waist beads are a safe, affordable and non-invasive way to track your weight loss progress. They are made with durable cotton string and available in multiple sizes which make them perfect for wherever you are in your weight loss journey. You simply tie them around your waist and let the tracking begin.

Amazing results: While a wonderful weight loss tool, waist beads are also a fun fashion accessory. Because they are sexy, feminine and they make you feel good about yourself –a bonus when you’re trying to lose weight!

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