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Weight Lose Waist Beads and/or FREE Fasting Resource
Weight Lose Waist Beads and/or FREE Fasting Resource
Weight Lose Waist Beads and/or FREE Fasting Resource

Weight Lose Waist Beads and/or FREE Fasting Resource

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Trying to lose weight? My name is Janelia and I recently lost 25 pounds by doing water-only fasting and using waist beads to track my progress. I would like to help with your weight loss goal by introducing you to these 2 amazing protocols that work great together. Before I continue, I must give a DISCLAIMER that I am not a doctor or a medical professional and simply sharing what made me successful at reaching my weight lose goal and reaching it quickly. Please consult your doctor before beginning a fasting protocol. 

First of all, water-only fasting is what finally worked for me after years of failed diets because no other diet on earth can compare to zero calories in. Secondly, I learned from experience that it is very important to use waist beads as a tracker when on a fasting protocol. The reason is after my first fast was over, when I started refeeding, I gained weight and seeing that I gained back some of the weight after refeeding was discouraging and almost led to me giving up. However, However, based on a recent study at TrueNorth Health Center, I learned that you gain back water weight, fiber, glycogen and protein and not the fat that you actually lost during fasting, so I didn't appear bigger or fatter after refeeding because I was eating healthy. During this fragile phase, I didn't go by what the scale was saying but on how my waist beads fit me. As my waist beads continue to drop and sometimes fit exactly the same way it did when I was fasting, it served as a constant reminder of the progress I was making so I did not give up and continued with my fasting as the weeks progressed.

When you purchase my 5pcs tie-on waist beads you automatically get my free Fasting Resource which will be emailed as a link after your purchase. If you do not wish to purchase the waist beads, you may get only the free Fasting Resource by completing a $0 checkout and the link will be emailed to you immediately. 

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Fasting Resource, $0: Getting yourself in that state of mind to go on a fast could be very challenging. However, you can achieve massive weight loss with great information and resources that keep you motivated and focused as all battles are first won and lost in the mind. This type of information is golden and is accessible in my free Fasting Resource. I did extensive research before beginning a fasting protocol which included over 120 hours of internet research and reviewing published clinical studies on the benefits of fasting. In addition, I took action on this new insight by starting and documenting my weight loss journey using prolonged water-only fasting and tie-on waist beads to track my progress. All this great information come as a series of URL links and videos that I compiled in one place to inspire you and serve as a resource without putting in the time it takes to do the research yourself. Moreover, you can immerse yourself in all this great information while you are fasting. As a matter of fact, I strongly recommend that you only watch and read this content while you are fasting as it keeps your eyes on the prize and stay well informed during your fasting phases. Best of all, it's totally free when you purchase the Weight Lose Waist Beads or when you complete a $0 checkout for the just the free Fasting Resource.   

Weight Lose Waist Beads $30.99: Yorùbá waist beads purchased right from the source i.e. from the women who handmade the waist beads from scratch in the town of Ìbàdàn, in Òyó state, Nigeria, West Africa (see video below). This set is the Janeliasoul 5pcs waist beads and as tie-on waist beads are the best for tracking weight lose, they are made with durable cotton string, seed beads and includes a Janeliasoul charm (stainless steel). This set is also one size fits all and waterproof i.e. will not expand or rust in water and can be used to bathe and exercise in. To use this waist beads set for weight lose tracking, it is recommended you wear 2 or 3 when you begin your weight lose journey because they will all eventually drop to your lower waist or hips depending on how much weight you loose. Then after you have reached your weight lose goal, you may wear the remaining waist beads to continue tracking your weight. 

Waist Beads Sizing: Comes standard in 50 inches with loose ends, which makes them one size fits all for all shapes and sizes (i.e. XS to 5XL). The loose ends gives you the flexibility of tying the beads exactly where you want them to rest i.e. high-waist, mid-waist or low-waist. However, if you are beginning a weight lose journey it is best tie them at the top of your belly button so that you can watch them drape lower on your belly as you lose weight. The loose ends of the tie-on waist beads also allows you to slide off any unwanted beads before you install them, for a perfect fit. You can also create a multi layer look with this option. See tutorial below on how to install the waist beads.

Waist Beads Colors: Available in random colors. However, you may chose your colors and include your color preferences as notes in the "Special instructions for seller" section on the next page (i.e. after you add to cart). We have the following colors available; black, yellow, silver, orangegreen, blue, light blue, red, white, light pink, hot pink, turquoise, sky, rainbow, blue/pink/silver mix, and gold.

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